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It’s often said in business that if you ask an expert in an industry to do the impossible, they’ll tell you it can't be done. Ask a teenager to do it- and give them an energy drink- and watch the magic happen.

We are the future.

We need to raise money to hire 30+ talented young people on college campuses to make this happen. A contribution of any size really helps. Help us be Florida’s Future Leaders.

Here's our plan...

In 2020, the University of Florida saw the highest ever surge of young on campus voters during a primary in the state’s history. 

In 2023, in Wisconsin, the Democratic party shocked the nation with their youth turnout for their Supreme Court race.

What do both those races have in common?


They hired young organizers in college, to organize their peers. Youth organizing is a solved concept! You give passionate young people money to do what they love- getting their friends to the polls.

Clearly, there are enough young democrats to flip key seats. The problem is getting young people to the polls.

But, Representative Tom Keen of House District 35 historically flipped the district blue. He had several members of Gen Z on his staff.

High School Dems, College Dems, Florida Future Leaders, and our partner organizations want to change that. We know the formula. We know how to win.

Politics is ridiculously expensive to get into. Many of us are full-time students, paying off student loans, or working after-school jobs. That's where you come in.

But we can't do this alone.

Will you pitch in to help us reach our goal to bring opportunities to young organizers?

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